DNAML releases PDF to ePub

DNAML, an ebook technology house has announced the release of a software called ‘PDF to ePub.’

The program enables users to convert an unlimited number of PDF ebooks into the industry standard ePub format.

Adam Schmidt, DNAML’s CEO notes, ‘DNAML is proud to be first to market with a professional solution in PDF to ePub which solves a crippling eBook adoption problem.’

‘We are excited there is an additional option for publishers to create EPUB and introduce more titles in the digital supply chain. A critical mass of content is necessary for continued growth in the eBook space and EPUB is designed to help facilitate the flow of content through sales and distribution channels to get these titles to market,’ said Michael Smith, executive director of International Digital Publishing Forum.

The program offers users conversion speed of 2-5 minutes for average trade title, 100% text accuracy, images and images positioning based on the PDF positioning and can convert from PDF to HTML enabling web pages creation from the PDF text.

PDF to ePub is priced at $99 and enables publishers and more information on the release can be found at www.pdftoepub.com.

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