Disney World wows — PDF 2007 Conference wrap-up

So we’ve all been pretty much Disneyed out now and are back home safely in our PDF driven environments. The conference had some very informative sessions on the creative side and some good sessions on the PDF side.

In talking with conference attendees there was the feeling that Gore could have made a more direct link to PDF and its usage in terms of the Paperwork Reduction Act and the environment.

That’s why it was particularly interesting to hear all about the newly announced GreenPDF site which Dan touched on in his PDF wrap-up late last week. I had a chance to talk with FormRouter CEO Jim Healy in regard to this astounding initiative launched to make folks think ‘GreenPDF’. As Kermit the Frog, once bemoaned, ‘It’s not easy being green,’ but the folks at FormRouter and the non-profit Global Warming Initiatives (GWI) hope that with this newly announced initiative, all PDF users will indeed find it easy being ‘green’ when it comes to PDFs.

The goal of GreenPDF.com is to encourage the 700 million users of PDF documents not to print when viewing one of the 200 million PDFs on the Web today.

Did you know for instance that if each PDF user printed one less document it would save 80,000 trees and 118,000 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year, according to the GWI.

For Healy, the mission is a personal one, ‘I was thinking about what we could do to give the knowledge worker something that they could really dig their teeth into and do a positive thing for the environment as well.’

Healy says the awareness about not printing a PDF document is nowhere near what it should be and hopes that someday every company across multiple market sectors will have a GreenPDF stamp on their Web site and be focused on saving PDFs only in electronic form.

If you’re ready to go GreenPDF then hit the Web site.

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