Demo of Online Collaboration using SOAP

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What’s Required?


  • An HTTP service (e.g. Web Service) for reading and writing the comments to a data store on the server. ARTS PDF Solutions have developed

    the service (a Web Service developed in .NET) we are going to be using in this example, and is located here. This service reads/writes data to and from text files

    on the server’s filesystem.


  • Adobe Acrobat 6 (not the free Reader)
  • JavaScript file located in the Acrobat JavaScripts folder. This contains JavaScript code that creates the SOAP Collab store used by

    Acrobat to read, write and enumerate through comments.

  • Connection to the Internet to allow connection to the Web Service.

Note: Adobe have provided an excellent example of this required JavaScript file with the Acrobat SDK.

This can most definitely be used as a building block for the client-side of your SOAP comment workflow, and then make changes to the

JavaScript if you would like to customize the process in anyway.

Online Demo

ARTS PDF Solutions have developed a Web Service (hosted at Planet PDF) that can be used in conjunction with the above JavaScript file to

test out a SOAP based workflow and see it in action. Follow these instructions to get up and running.

  1. Save the JavaScript file to the Acrobat

    JavaScripts folder (e.g. C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Acrobat 6.0AcrobatJavaScripts).

  2. Open Acrobat, and go to ‘Edit > Preferences > General’, and then select the ‘Reviewing’ panel. Select the ‘SDK SOAP Sample’ from the

    Server Type drop-down and enter the following address into the Server Address textbox –’ (sans quotation marks).

  3. Close Acrobat.
  4. Open the sample PDF in a web browser that supports the

    Acrobat plug-in.

When the PDF is first loaded, Acrobat will connect to the Web Service and download all the comments stored on the server. Use the

‘Send/Receive’ button on the Acrobat commenting toolbar to upload any new/updated comments to the server and download comments from the


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