Deleting Pages the Easy Way

If you find yourself with a PDF that has many pages that you need to delete, but don’t
have the time to alter the source files, then read on.

Utilising the PDF Thumbnails we can quickly select and remove (permanently) any pages in
a PDF that are no longer required. From the ‘Window’ menu, select ‘Show/Hide Thumbnails

If you haven’t already done so create all of your thumbnail pictures (this isn’t
necessary but helps you to recognise the content on the pages – see Figure 1.1).

Figure 1.1

All we have to do now is to select our Thumbnails for the pages we want to delete (see Figure
1.2), to select multiple Thumbnails either drag a selection area over your Thumbnails or
use the Shift and/or Control keys to select additional Thumbnails. Just remember that the
pages you want to delete must be continuous page ranges (ie, 1-5 or 34-45 etc).

Figure 1.2

Once you have the pages selected, click the Thumbnails popup menu (small filled black
triangle, above the Thumbnail pane scrollbar), from this menu select ‘Delete Pages…’ (see
Figure 1.1), Acrobat will display the selected page range ready to be deleted (see Figure 1.3).

Figure 1.3

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