Deleting Pages from a Document

Sometimes when you combine content from several documents, you have pages of information you don’t need. You can easily delete a single page or a group of pages.

1. Open your document and click the Pages tab at the left of the screen to display the Pages pane. The pages are shown in small images, called thumbnails.

Content appears as small thumbnail images in the Pages pane.

The first page is displayed in the Document pane. In the Pages pane, you can see that the first thumbnail is highlighted and that a red box surrounds some of the page contents. This means that page 1 is showing in the Document pane, and the visible portion of the page is outlined with the red box.

A box in the thumbnail indicates what content is displayed in the Document pane.

Touching Up a PDF Document

2. Let’s remove the third page from the document. Use the scroll bars in the Pages pane to move page 3 into view and click the page to select it. The thumbnail is highlighted; the page displays in the Document pane.

Select a page thumbnail to display the page in the Document pane.

3. From the Options menu in the Pages pane, select Delete Pages. The Delete Pages dialog opens.

Use the Options menu in the Pages pane to access common page commands.

4. The Delete Pages dialog has two options. Choosing the Selected option deletes the pages you have selected. If you prefer, you can click the From option and enter the range of page numbers you want to delete. In this example, I selected page 3 in step 2; the Selected option is active in the Delete Pages dialog, so simply click OK.

Select an option for deleting a page or pages.

5. A confirmation dialog opens; click OK to confirm the page deletion. The dialog closes, and Acrobat deletes the page from your document.

This warning dialog asks you to confirm page deletions.

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