Debenu Updates PDF Library to Improve Online PDF Viewing

Debenu today announced the release of a major update to its developer library. According to the developer, Debenu Quick PDF Library 11 adds support for Delphi XE7 and includes a combined 49 new functions, enhancements and bug fixes.

Highlights of the new version include the addition of new functions that allow the loading of individual pages (via linearization/Fast Web View) or parts of pages (via the RenderPageToClip function) to improve PDF viewing performance, along with added support for relative links.

According to Debenu CTO Rowan Hanna, ‘Fast viewing was a key goal in updating the SDK. It’s similar to a pipeline system that is limited by the slowest point: if we improve the performance of our library, that in turn can accelerate any application built from it. Combined with support for the latest developer environments, that means that developers can use the latest tools to frictionlessly build applications that produce lean, fast PDFs. We’re very proud of this release.’

Debenu Quick PDF Library 11 can be used to develop Windows- or Mac-based applications, and is currently available from the Debenu website and reseller network. A free 30-day trial of the software is also available.

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