Debenu Quick PDF Library 12 Released

Debenu has released a major new version of its royalty-free flagship PDF developer SDK for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android development. Debenu Quick PDF Library 12 adds new features, fixes several bugs and features a range of enhancements to existing features.

Let’s be totally clear about this, providing support for all/most platforms is absolutely required nowadays in a PDF devkit – hence, I’m very pleased to hear that this update has finally been completed. I know that it has involved 2-3 years development behind the scenes.

Highlights from the new version include:

  • Delphi 10 Seattle Support
  • New rendering engine built into Windows DLL, ActiveX and LIB editions
  • 65% of test files processing faster than in previous versions*
  • Performance and speed enhancements in rendering and parsing
  • Improvements to text extraction accuracy
  • Optimized memory handling and fixed memory leaks for Mac and iOS versions
  • Improvements to HTML text output functions
  • Added a UPC version to DrawBarcode EAN-13
  • Added Support for 4-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit images
  • 30+ enhancements, bug fixes and features

‘Now that Debenu Quick PDF Library is a truly cross-platform PDF SDK, we decided for this release that we would focus on making the development experience as brilliant as possible across all supported platforms.’ …. ‘We also added in a range of requested improvements from our customers and added support for Delphi 10 Seattle for our Delphi customers on Windows and Mac’ said Karl De Abrew, Debenu CEO, ‘we think that with the version 12 release, our customers are going to be very pleased and the work we’ve done over the past half year has created a solid base for some exciting minor releases for version 12.’

Brilliant timing on the part of Debenu with this release as a significant use of PDF (as with most) has shifted to the handheld. Presumably this is going to become more pronounced in the future. I suspect the software libraries that provide the ability to create and manipulate PDF, but do not provide strong support across all platforms, will be quickly falling by the wayside.

* Percentage derived from 296 test files. Includes general processing, rendering and manipulation of PDF files.


Licenses are sold on a per developer, per platform basis for end-user applications and apps. Distribution of applications or apps built using Debenu Quick PDF Library is 100% royalty-free. No hidden fees.

Debenu Quick PDF Library can also be licensed for use on an unlimited number of Servers for a small fee.


Version 12.11 of Debenu Quick PDF Library, as well as version 12.11 of Debenu PDF Viewer SDK (a drag-and-drop PDF viewer add-on), are available for immediate release.

For more information visit the official website for Debenu Quick PDF Library (

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