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Debenu, the Melbourne based software company innovating in the PDF industry, and major sponsor of Planet PDF has released the second version of their powerful batch editor for PDF, Debenu PDF Maximus.

Positioned to users with roles requiring constant document processing, the software provides a number of core benefits including; removing human error, document automation all the way to the printer and a built in reader making working autonomously from Adobe Acrobat is now easier than ever.

Debenu PDF Maximus’ functions allows for current document management policies to be implemented to future documents as they are created. Whether that is converting from image to PDF, splitting merging, cropping water marking and many others in the broad spectrum of changes possible.

The promise to remove hundreds of hours from tasks is achieved through action lists, watched folders and a range of useful functions including the capability of watching cloud drives. Businesses both large and small, in a all industries have adopted PDF Maximus to process PDF documents easily and quickly.

Only available on Windows at this stage, Debenu PDF Maximus is available for 32-bit and 64-bit as well as a server version allowing for 24/7 functionality in the cloud. DRM is supported with action lists for restrictions, passwords and signatures all available. Integrating their SDK Library (Debenu Quick PDF Library) advanced users are able to create their own scripts adding a level new level of customizability to the API.

For more information on Debenu PDF Maximus visit their website

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