Debenu launches Quick PDF Library and Quick PDF Tools

Debenu, the company behind personal document management tool Benubird Pro, has released a pair of PDF products. The first, Quick PDF Library 7.12, is a PDF API that allows developers to build functions such as PDF creation, security administration and content extraction into their own software. The second new offering, Quick PDF Tools, is a freeware desktop application built using the Quick PDF Library.

‘We built a freeware PDF utility that allows you to interact directly with PDF files using a simple right-click context menu,’ stated Rowan Hanna, Debenu CTO. ‘Designed with efficiency in mind, this handy little PDF program lets you quickly edit and manage PDF documents from the comfort of your desktop, without the need to actually open the PDF.’

For more information on Quick PDF Library and Quick PDF Tools, check out the official Debenu website.

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