Debenu Expands PDF Tools Pro: Updated Viewer, Editor and Features

Debenu, the company behind the royalty-free PDF SDK, Debenu Quick PDF Library, has released version 3 of very popular Debenu PDF Tools Pro and Debenu PDF Tools. The major update combines the windows-explorer PDF Tools Pro with all the features of the powerful PDF batch processing software Debenu PDF Maximus famous for automating splitting, merging, stamping, watermarking and editing PDF.

PDF Tools Pro feature set is intuitive to use for any user. Features are easily accessed like cropping, rotating, stamping, silent printing, deleting, splitting, merging and adding security. The feature list supports scalable gains in productivity at all levels of an organisation and at any stage of a document management process. This allows tools to be actioned seamlessly on hundreds of folders, containing 1000’s of documents of sizes exceeding 1 gigabyte.

“There is a growing expectation in business that software be created to automate document management processes and remove people from repetitive tasks. Feedback came from customers in all industries’, major frustrations were felt about document submissions which result in a loss of productivity whether Legal, Pharma or administrative. Debenu PDF Tools Pro automates repetitive tasks like stamping, splitting and merging, creating bookmarks, securing documents with signatures and passwords – by differing parameters so it is dynamic and intelligent. Managerial costs, delays in transferring information and human error are completely eliminated.” Said Susana De Abrew, Chief Operating Officer.

Chief Technical Officer Rowan Hanna explains further “Customers loved PDF Tools Pro and PDF Maximus for different reasons. PDF Tools because it allowed them to make changes very quickly to individual PDFs. PDF Maximus for automating repetitive changes like splitting, merging and stamping, which resulted in productivity and document management gains. Combining the features into this software empowers any Debenu customer with an affordable, scalable solution for their document management. Easy to learn, the software removes human error, speeding up the transfer of information between departments and reducing labour costs. Paired with cloud storage software like DropBox and SkyDrive it puts a document management team inside your computer.”

Bridging the Information Worker Productivity Gap: New Challenges and Opportunities for IT is a global white paper written by IDC, released late 2012. The problems identified are specifically problems Debenu PDF Tools Pro assists in solving. Tools and Actions dramatically improves the time it takes to process documents for any user and at any stage of the process, whether the task is reviewing, editing, securing or approving.

New features added and old ones improved for workflow automation

  • Speed upgrades for batch-editing documents allows hundreds of folders, containing 1000’s of documents of sizes exceeding 1 gigabyte to be processed. Removing human error in the process.
  • New reader and editor to edit PDF individually in the application seeing the resulting changes and on the desktop (using the right-click).
  • Completely new sets of features have been added like batch stamping, automatic bookmark building, advanced PDF splitting and digital signatures.
  • Silent printing ensures workflows remains uninterrupted by facilitating automatic printing of PDF’s to paper – a truly powerful new feature for workflow automation.
  • Developers and IT professionals use the built in PDF SDK scripting to quickly create their own custom solutions.
  • Enhancements to digital signatures allows for automation of digital security policies.
  • PDF Tools Pro’s upgrades conversion functions for PDF to image and text preserving the layout when extracting text, font and location.

Quotes about Tools Pro

‘Extracting text from PDF is a very crucial part of my business, but when we tried to do it by ourselves we understood it would have taken months of work to have a barely stable solution: pdf text organization is hell. Debenu saved our day with a very competitive price and a solution we implemented in a day; and it just works very well.’

Fabio Polidori, Poste Italiane (Italian National Mail Service)

“I have found Debenu PDF Tools to be a very useful program one which I use every day in my organisation.”

Don James, Management Consultant, CJJ Pty Ltd

System Requirements


  • Windows XP (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Windows Vista (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Windows 8 (32-bit, 64-bit)


  • Windows Server 2003 (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2008 (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2012 (64-bit)


About Debenu

Debenu are one of the world’s most innovative PDF and document management software vendors. Producing revolutionary software and custom solutions for Adobe Acrobat, PDF and other file formats since 2007. The software Debenu develop spans a broad range of Acrobat® and PDF uses, including forms, conversion, splitting, merging, publishing, stamping, workflow automation, archiving, bookmarking, linking and navigating PDF documents.

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