Cut the Holiday Fat with PDF

‘Tis the season … for overconsumption. And in a time when overindulgence is a national (and increasingly international) concern and way of life, the end-of-year holidays’ emphasis on even greater intake of calories promises there’ll be no shortage of healthy resolutions come day one of 2004.

A better choice, as espoused in a series of weekly columns in The Washington Post dubbed the ‘Lean Plate Club,’ is to end the current year with a pledge: Not to give in at the many upcoming, festive opportunities to sweet, fattening temptations. Post columnist Sally Squires instead proposed in a pre-Thanksgiving column titled ‘Making This Holiday Season a Leaner One‘ that people change the mindset from fit to fat — cutting calories and developing a habit of regular, healthy exercise.

To help with tracking the worthy effort, the Lean Plate Club offers for download a pair of PDF-based charts — one to record weekly weight maintenance [PDF: 328kb] and another to chronicle frequent physical activity. [PDF: 324kb]

For each of the next few weeks, the Post columnist will offer one goal for each chart/theme. Squires explains the simple goal:

‘Stick with the program, try a few ideas, and flat-lining your weight over the holidays can be your gift to yourself.’

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