Cropping and Rotating Pages in Acrobat

Acrobat lets you import a document in one layout and then customize its appearance. However, if you combine several documents from different sources, you may find discrepancies in the page sizes or orientations. A neat feature in Acrobat is the ability to crop and rotate pages to get them looking just so.

Cropping Pages

Let’s say two pages in our sample document need cropping.

  1. Click the page you want to crop in the Pages pane.
  2. Choose Options > Crop Pages. If you’re working from the Document pane, choose Document > Pages > Crop. The Crop Pages dialog opens.

You can crop on all four sides in the Crop Pages dialog.

  1. The page appears as a thumbnail at the top of the Crop Pages dialog. Adjust the crop settings using the four margin fields. As you change the values, the cropping outline in the preview image changes to reflect the new values. You can type values in the fields, or use the arrows to adjust the settings.
  2. Click OK to close the dialog, and Acrobat resizes the page. You can see the effects of the cropping in the Document pane, as well as in the Pages pane’s thumbnail.

You can see the cropped page in the Pages pane.

  1. Save the document to preserve the cropping.
Lose Those Margins

In the Crop Pages dialog, click Remove White Margins to crop the page to the content. Then click the option again to deselect it. The values in the crop directions remain, and you can make final adjustments. If your page’s content is quite small compared to the page’s size, using this option is much quicker than clicking, and clicking, and clicking…

Cropping Tips

Here are some tips to speed up the cropping process:

  • You can crop several pages at once, as long as they’re contiguous. Select the pages in the Pages pane (it’s quicker.) Once in the Crop Pages dialog, you see the selected pages listed at the bottom in the Page Range section. If you do this, make sure the content is laid out the same.
  • For faster cropping of several noncontiguous pages, rearrange the pages in the Pages pane, select them, and then open the Crop Pages dialog. You can crop them all at once, and then restore their order after cropping. Be careful, though?you can’t choose File > Revert to reposition the pages in the correct order because that also removes the cropping.
  • If you are cropping a few pages that are scattered throughout your document and they must be of equal dimension, jot down the values when you crop the first one. Then type the values in the Crop Pages dialog’s Top, Left, Right, and Bottom fields for the remaining pages.

Rotating Pages

I want to rotate page 3 of my document. The page is an image of a slab of concrete that I’d like to be vertical instead of horizontal.

  1. Select the page in the Pages pane. Choose Options > Rotate or Document > Pages > Rotate to open the Rotate Pages dialog.
  2. Choose a direction from the Direction pull-down list.

Choose a direction for rotating the page.

  1. Select a Page Range option. Because in step 1 you selected the page in the Pages pane, the Selection option is automatically active.

Note: You can choose pages within a selection according to orientation and position. Click the pull-down list and choose either odd or even pages; click the lower pull-down list to specify portrait or landscape orientation.

  1. Click OK, and Acrobat rotates the page.

The page is rotated; the text is now vertical.

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