Crocodoc launches HTML 5-based online PDF viewer

Crocodoc, a technology provider for viewing and sharing documents online, has launched an HTML 5-based version of its online document viewing service. The new service incorporates a highly functional PDF viewer that is integrated with the browser and enables reviewers to collaborate with each other in real time.

Crocodoc features a full suite of PDF editing tools and allows multiple editors to review a document at the same time. Users can extract images, copy & paste, fill-up PDF forms, make notes and save marked-up versions. The service does not require any additional PDF software (e.g., Acrobat).

Crocodoc is backed by Y Combinator, an investment group. Crocodoc is also working with Yammer to include the Crocodoc viewer inside the Yammer application. Crocodoc also has plans for a mobile version of the PDF viewer that would allow users to view and edit PDFs.

Check more on the new service at Crocodoc

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