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A new printer drive has emerged that enables Creative Commons licenses to be attached to documents being converted to PDF. Any program that allows a ‘print to PDF’ function can have the driver installed (CC PDF Convertor only runs Windows OS).

Creative Commons license’s allow for creators to distribute their work for free, specifying the conditions under which they can be used. Attaching a license to the work removes ambiguity of the terms and conditions under which work is shared.Information on the Creative Commons concept is available

Creative Commons licenses have been shown to aid in distribution and publicity. This is because publishers are able to confidently reproduce the work without worrying about infringing on copyrights. Information on the Creative Commons concept is available

The version available at the moment is free and in the beta stage. The program asks a series of questions about the type of license needed, and then stamps a small but legible Creative Commons license on the pages.

When installing and using CC PDF Convertor, all that has to be done is to attach the license is the following (it is a little bit hidden at took a little to figure out.)

  1. Select ‘Print’
  2. Select ‘CC PDF Convertor’
  3. Select ‘Printing Properties’
  4. Select ‘License Properties’ and click ‘Change’

CC PDF Convertor will then go through the license type. The rest if straight forward.

A review and direct download can be found on PCWorld

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