Creating Page Templates in Acrobat

Page templates can be used for many different
purposes with Acrobat forms. Among other uses,
pages can be added to a PDF from a page template.

In order to fully understand how page templates
are created, follow these steps:

  • Insert a page into the current PDF file.The page
    can be any PDF you desire or a template can be
    created from a single page PDF.
  • Navigate to the page where the template is to be
    created.The page in view will become the template.
    Select Tools > Forms > Page Templates or from a
    context menu in the Forms palette make the
    same menu selection.

  • In the Page Templates dialog box, provide a name in
    the field box and click on the Add button.
    To make the template invisible, click on the eye
    icon to hide the eyeball and the template.


    When examining forms created by others, you may often wonder how a page suddenly appears in the file you’re using.

    To further understand how the file was created, you can open the Page Templates dialog box.

    If templates have been used in the PDF, click on the eye icon to show the template.

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