Creating Links to a Web page

Perhaps the best things about PDF is its extensibility — with a little JavaScript, you can pull rabbits out of your hat; with a properly crafted plug-in, you can work miracles. Still, what about those to whom JavaScript may as well be ancient Aramaic? The good news is that it doesn’t take a coding genius to get useful functionality out of your PDF files aside from basic viewing and printing.

One way to keep your static PDF documents relevant is to create web links to ‘live’ websites that are regularly updated with the latest information. In fact, the process is even easier than creating web links in HTML!

In Acrobat, simply:

  1. Select the Link Tool (Tools > Advanced Editing > Link Tool).
  2. Drag the appropriate area of the page to create your link.
  3. Choose ‘Open a web page’.
  4. Enter the web address (e.g. and click OK.

src=’’ width=’450′ height=’225′
alt=’The Link Tool in Acrobat’>

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