Creating a bookmark tree in Acrobat 7

One of the best things about reading documents is convenience. Search, hyperlinks and bookmarks can all aid the reading experience by making it easier to find relevant information within a given document. In particular, a bookmark tree is an excellent addition to multi-page documents that provides both a navigational aid and a convenient document overview. Bookmarks can also open web pages, other PDF files or even execute JavaScript, turning the bookmark pane into a powerful cross-site navigational element.

Here’s how to create bookmarks in Acrobat 7:

  1. Open your PDF to the location and zoom level that you wish to bookmark.
  2. Highlight the text on the page, if any, that you would like to use as the bookmark title. If there is no appropriate text, don’t worry — you can simply enter your preferred title at a later stage.
  3. Hold Ctrl-B (Function-B on Mac machines) to create the bookmark. If you did not select text for the bookmark title, you will need to enter it now.

src=’’ width=’475′ height=’376′
alt=’A hyperlink selected using the Tab key.’>

Once you’ve created several bookmarks, you can click and drag them into a hierarchy (e.g headings and subheadings) or modify the font styles and colors by right-clicking a bookmark and selecting Properties from the context menu.

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