Create Web Page PDFs in Acrobat

Often, you can find yourself wanting to keep an offline record of a web page: you may be traveling, and won’t have internet access, or perhaps you need a static copy of the page for your archives. Either way, Acrobat’s web capture feature can be an invaluable addition to your bag of tricks.

Of course, it’s also possible to simply print to PDF, but converting a web page using Acrobat’s web capture feature can retain links, search boxes, lists, flash movies, JavaScript buttons and other web content directly in the PDF document! Should you come across unsupported file types, it’s also possible to attach content to PDF files in the form of file attachments.

Here’s how to capture a web page in Acrobat:

  1. Drag and drop the link from your internet browser into an open Adobe Acrobat browser. OR
  2. Select File > Create PDF > From Web Page > then type in the appropriate web link (Keyboard shortcut: Shift + Ctrl + O).

Using the second method, it’s also possible to capture multiple layers (e.g. the page, plus the destinations of all links on that page) of a web page, or even the whole site — perfect for browsing web content at your leisure during long-haul flights!

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