Create A PDF in OS X

When trying to maintain the fidelity of a document, nothing beats the effectiveness of a PDF in keeping the formatting consistent and uniform.

Programs exist offering the functionality to export, save or convert a file you are working on to a PDF. Sometimes (like viewing webpages) this isn’t supported but you do have a workaround. You are still able to create a PDF of your work.

To create a PDF from any document in OS x:

  1. Press Command-P to print the document.
  2. In the Print dialogue window you will see a small menu at the bottom of the PDF.
  3. Here you will have the options to save document as a PDF at a specific location.

This feature denotes that if it a document is printable, you can make a PDF out of it.

Applying this simple feature, you can make copies of print receipts or confirmation numbers received in email, This can be done without losing the original formatting of the document.

Last but not least, once the document has been opened in Preview, you can click the print or cancel buttons at the bottom of the window to manage the print job, or you can press Command –S to save the document as a PDF anywhere on your drive.

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