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The folks at Zmags have released an update to their Zmags Publicator software-as-a-service. The update enables marketers to automate conversion of collateral PDF to interactive format and share the digital versions on social network platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace.

Zmags can be used to share any type of marketing collateral including brochures, catalogs, magazines, direct mail and other business documents. Zmags also links that material to e-commerce systems to enable easier purchasing of the digitized content.

The latest version of Zmags Publicator improves the process for uploading and converting PDF files into Zmags. In addition, the new version features an updated user interface that streamlines and reduces the time it takes to upload PDF files.

Users can simply enter their website URL and select which PDF files to convert and batch convert PDF files as well. You can see the release highlights at this link.

Once the files are digitized the program enables a share feature that allows links to be placed on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace as well as other popular social media sites.

A thumbnail image of the current page is added to the user’s profile which allows other users to click the image and access the unique Zmag.

Zmag also provides analytics to track how many times a link is shared and how many additional readers you gain.

For a free trial you can go here.

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