Converting HTML Web Pages to PDF

Acrobat’s Web Capture Plugin (included in version 4.0+) can convert a Web page
or an entire Web site into a single Acrobat PDF file, including graphics and links.

There are two modes for converting HTML files: Local HTML and Online HTML. The two
methods require different menu choices, but they process the files in the same way.

Processing Local HTML Files

Select ‘Open’ from the File menu and in the ‘Files Of Type’ box choose ‘HTML (*.htm, *.html, *.shtml)’. Navigate to the directory on your hard drive where the HTML file is and select it and click OK.

Processing Online HTML Files

Select ‘Open Web Page…’ from the File menu. A dialog will appear asking for the Uniform Resource Locator (URL, the address) of the Web Page you want to convert (Capture) to PDF, then click DOWNLOAD.

There are several options here that can be altered. The ‘Levels’ box is the number of levels that you want to be retrieved from the Web Site, you can also specify to get the entire site and to also make sure that any pages that are captured, are captured from the same Web Site (not referenced sites). You can also adjust the Font Substitutions and Page Layouts for the conversion process (Conversion Settings

The ‘Download Status’ dialog will appear indicating which graphics and pages are being downloaded, along with the file sizes and their local/remote URL address (file:///C|/TEMP/HTML Files/… OR

Once complete you will see the HTML page has been converted to a PDF document. Along with the PDF Page, the Bookmark Tab will also appear with newly created Bookmarks indicating the Page titles (TITLE Tag).

If you only retrieved one level from the Web Site or the Local file was only one page long and you want to also capture the referenced (linked) HTML pages, you can use the ‘Tools>Web Capture>View Web Links’ tool to list and then Capture the referenced pages.

Once you have captured all the required HTML pages you can save the File as a PDF for future use.

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