Controlling Bookmark Indentation From Word

If you’ve ever wanted more control over the indentation levels of your Bookmarks when you create PDF’s from within Word then read on.

Acrobat’s PDFMaker Macro provides an enormous amount of automatic processing, it can add structure to a PDF, Bookmarks, security, thumbnails, hyperlinks and so on. However what happens when you want more control? Specifically what happens if you want to control the indenting of the Bookmarks in the PDF?

It turns out that we can do this by making use of Acrobat PDFMaker’s Bookmark Level property. By setting this to the appropriate level we can control the level of indentation our Bookmarks will have.

For example, let’s say we have a page with a Heading 1, Heading 2 and Heading 3. Underneath both the H2 and H3 we have pictures, these pictures have been assigned styles so we can represent them in the Bookmark tree ? however these bookmarks are generated outside of the H2 and H3 respectively, making them sit in funny locations (or rather they sit in the order they are processed in the document)

I’ve created the following section of text, and assigned Heading 1, 2 and 3 styles to the appropriate heading text. I’ve also added a Caption to the pictures. The Captions are styled with the ‘Caption’ style, but to ensure that the Bookmark for the first picture sits nicely under the Heading Level 2 and the Bookmark for the second picture sits nicely under the Heading Level 3, I’ve created a new style ‘Caption – Level 3’.

There’s no difference in the styles whatsoever, however when we change the settings inside PDFMaker we can distinguish the two easily and set their Levels appropriately.

We have to make sure we include H1, H2, H3 and of course the ‘Caption’ style (which is the style that Captions use) in the Bookmark Settings under ‘Adobe PDF>Change Conversion Settings’

Once converted to PDF the Bookmark tree looks a little hickelty pickelty:

To correct this let’s go back into Word and assign the correct Level to the Caption style and also the Caption ? Level 3 style. Choose ‘Adobe PDF>Change Conversion Settings?’, and select the Bookmark tab.

Now when we create the PDF the Bookmark Tree follows the correct order and indentation that we wanted.

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