Configuring the Pages Pane in Acrobat

The default layout of the Pages pane displays a single column of small thumbnail pictures of the pages. The default is fine for most kinds of work when you have a document consisting of several pages. However, when working with a very large document, you might want to make the thumbnails smaller and increase the number of thumbnail columns to see more at once. If you have to be able to see the content of the thumbnails, you’ll want to increase their size.

To increase or decrease the size of thumbnails, choose Options > Enlarge (or Reduce) Page Thumbnails.

Use a thumbnail size that is meaningful. In the image below, the thumbnails are set to the smallest size available-so small that they are of limited reference value. Conversely, you can enlarge thumbnails to the size of the Document pane, but that pretty much defeats the purpose.

You can change the size of page thumbnails in the Pages pane. These thumbnails are too small to see content, but you can look at various page sizes.

Resize the Pages pane. Move the pointer over the right margin of the panel. When it changes to a double-ended arrow and vertical bars, click and drag to the left or right to adjust the size of the panel.

Resize the Pages pane horizontally.

Use thumbnail views to control what you view in the Document pane. Click a thumbnail view and do one of the following:

Position the pointer over the lower-right corner of the red page-view box until the pointer changes to a double arrow. Drag the corner to reduce or expand the page view in the Document pane.

Resize or shift the page-view box to show a different portion of the page in the Document pane.

Move the pointer over the red page-view box until the pointer changes to a hand. Drag the page-view box around on the thumbnail see a different portion of the page in the Document pane.

See More Pages

Decrease the size of the thumbnails when working with large documents. This gives you a better overview of the content and can reveal problems like irregular page sizes.

Managing Thumbnails

You can choose to embed or unembed thumbnails. Which is best? Embedded thumbnails add to a file?s size. On the other hand, if you embed the thumbnails when you?re working with large documents, opening, closing, resizing, and scrolling through the Pages pane is much speedier. Embed thumbnails from the Pages pane by choosing Options > Embed All Page Thumbnails; unembed by choosing Options > Remove Embedded Page Thumbnails.

Be careful when using embedded thumbnails. Although they give you an instant view of the pages, changes you make to your pages are not updated in embedded thumbnails. To display the thumbnails with your changes, you have to unembed the old ones first and then re-embed the edited ones.

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