codeMantra Releases PDF eBook Conversion Service

The new service is designed to circumvent the technical and financial hurdles associated with conducting such a conversion in-house. Configured to be compliant with the requirements of 9 major electronic book distributors and several content aggregators, Universal PDF will primarily target smaller publishers looking to move into the eBook space.

Claiming a turnaround time of a week or less, the service accepts source files from a number of applications such as FrameMaker, QuarkXpress and InDesign. The conversion process includes the embedding of fonts, cropping registration marks, the addition of navigational features such as bookmarks and hyperlinks, along with many other items that can cause potential compliance issues.

‘Digital content distribution has been a very fragmented market, given the varied file specifications in the marketplace,’ said codeMantra Senior Director of Business Development James Burnett. ‘Our goal with this offering is to remove the financial hurdle of multiple conversions for a single piece of content, thereby allowing publishers to participate in the wealth of opportunity in the marketplace simply and efficiently.’

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