CIP4 announces results of Interoperability Testing

The International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press, and Postpress (CIP4) Organization announced today the results of its recent Interoperability Event in Vancouver, Canada. Twenty-three companies participated, testing 35 products. In all, 115 pairs were tested, with 108 successful pairings — 32 more than at the previous event held in Switzerland during March.

The results impressed Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG and CIP4 technical officer Rainer Prosi, ‘There have been 284 successfully tested product pairings over the course of five interoperability events. One hundred eight of these successful pairings were from the July 2004 Vancouver event. The trend speaks for itself.’

Vendors congregated to further develop the potential for automation implementing Job Definition Format (JDF) — an industry standard designed to simplify information exchange in and around the Graphic Arts industry. The workshop offered member companies the opportunity to test a wide range of JDF solutions representative of the graphic arts supply chain.

Last May’s JDF Parc at drupa 2004 gave end users an introduction to JDF while providing vendors with an opportunity to explore potential partnerships.

CIP4 executive directory James Harvey asserted that the JDF Parc ‘…served as an incubator for new ideas.’ He is optimistic about future events as well, going on to say, ‘We anticipate similar energy at the upcoming JDF Pavilion at GraphExpo 2004 in Chicago.’

The JDF Pavilion is slated to feature interoperability demonstrations from CIP4 member companies, educational presentations, and serve as the starting point for CIP4-sponsored show floor tours highlighting JDF capability.

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