Cheap Impostor rolls out 3.1 imposition software

Cheap Impostor has announced the release of version 3.1, a less expensive way for folks to transform documents into magazines or books without using a photocopier.

The program enables users to impose PDFs for books and magazines as well as reorder pages for book and magazine layout. The latest version includes the better 2-up feature which provides plain 2-up without the imposition page reordering, but includes both zoom and offset functionality.

Additionally the program offers a way for users to create books with multiple signatures and comes with a tutorial for printing and binding books using the program. The program also supports automatic and manual duplex printers, with and without collation, long or short-edge binding.

The product is priced at $35 for new users and the upgrade is free for existing registered users. It’s targeted at Mac OS X users.

For more information on the latest release you can go to the company web site.

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