callas software to debut CLI version of pdfaPilot at DMS

Germany-based callas software will be debuting its pdfaPilot CLI — the command line module for automatic PDF/A processing at this year’s DMS 2007.

pdfaPilot enables secure PDF/A verification, correction and conversion and the company has two versions of its command-line module for automated PDF/A processing.

PdfaPilot Validator CLI can be used for simple validation of PDF/A file while pdfaPilot Converter CLI can be used for validation, correction and conversion.

Both products are compatible with Windows and Mac-based operating systems and the company also offers a SDK that can be used by developers for integration with the pdfaPilot technology.

In particular, Kelly said the wizard feature is a great feature for novice users ‘because it takes away the tech jargon and just asks users basic questions about how they intent to use the ‘shrunk’ PDF,’ noted Kelly.

For additional information on the upcoming product release go to the PdfaPilot Validator CLIor pdfaPilot Converter CLI product pages.

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