callas software releases pdfToolbox 5

callas software has announced the release of callas pdfToolbox 5, a major update to its PDF production toolkit. In addition to general performance improvements, the latest version of the software adds full 64-bit support, a new batch-processing feature, automated visual comparison of PDF documents, and ability to convert files in a range of formats into production-ready PDF.

The new Visual Compare feature essentially scans through sets of documents and highlights any differences. The comparison functionality makes it suitable for comparing versions of a single file of course, but it can also be used to identify whether anything odd or unexpected happened during processing. This careful approach to quality control is also reflected in the new product’s added support for the GWG Proof of Preflight. This allows users to protect preflighted PDF files with digital signatures that certify the preflight date, profile and outcome for each file. The system also makes it easy to identify — and attribute — any subsequent changes to the document, which makes it clear who is responsible for such editing.

Both desktop and server versions of callas pdfToolbox 5 are currently available. For more information, check out the official callas website.

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