callas software releases pdfaPilot version 3

callas software has announced an updated version of the popular PDFA compliance and archival product, pdfaPilot. With this new release comes full support for the new PDF/A-3 standard, allowing users to archive original documents (such as Word, Excel, or XML files) into PDF/A-3 compliant container files.

‘With this option, it is possible to, for example, store and manage related files, such as an Excel file with formulas or complete CAD drawings, together in one batch,’ said Dietrich von Seggern, Business Development Manager software at callas software. ‘For companies and organizations, this offers the great advantage that all the files belonging to a certain project — whether PDF/A compliant or not, are available in a central database.’

Distributed processing is also new in this release and will make life easier for many developers. In high-volume environments, pdfaPilot Server can be installed as a Windows service, and load balanced between a number of servers.

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