callas software develops module for LuraTech’s document conversion platform

LuraTech has announced that callas software GmbH is the first third-party developer to create a module for LuraTech’s DocYard platform. The callas pdfaPilot 2 module enables users to seamlessly integrate the ability to convert digital file formats into PDF/A into the workflows created with DocYard, a flexible software platform that enables organizations to build their own production-level document conversion and capture environments.

LuraTech will demonstrate DocYard and the callas pdfaPilot 2 in Booth 2228 during the AIIM Expo & Conference in Philadelphia, April 20-22, 2010.

‘We see a lot of promise in LuraTech’s innovative DocYard platform, which offers a way to simplify and centrally manage the entire document capture and conversion workflow environment,’ said Olaf Druemmer, managing director at callas software. ‘We are excited to extend the experience we have gained developing PDF/A technology for Adobe to users of LuraTech’s DocYard solution.’

Pricing for LuraTech’s DocYard and the callas pdfaPilot 2 module is available upon request, but for more information about the companies involved or their respective product offerings, check out the callas software or LuraTech websites.

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