callas releases enhanced pdfaPilot 2.4

callas software, a developer of PDF solutions, has announced an enhanced version 2.4 of pdfaPilot, its flagship PDF/A creation software. The new pdfaPilot 2.4 supports the conversion of additional file formats such as PostScript/EPS, JPEG, TIFF and PNG into PDF/A files. pdfaPilot 2.4 also includes PDF/VT validation feature. Overall, the new version of pdfaPilot increases its suitability for high-volume transactional printing workflows.

The software provides a comprehensive set of functions for validating and creating PDF/A files. The software allows users to create PDF/A files from large number of file formats such as MS Office and OpenOffice. The new version extends the range of supported file formats to include PostScript/EPS, JPEG, TIFF and PNG files.

pdfaPilot 2.4 also supports the validation of documents according to the PDF/VT standard. PDF/VT is an international standard published by ISO (ISO 16612-2) for describing the variable-data PDF documents. pdfaPilot 2.4 checks document part metadata (DPM) and page structure to ensure compliance and provide detailed error messages for any discrepancies.

In addition to above enhancements, pdfaPilot 2.4 also produces leaner PDFs because of improved compression of the document structure. For more information on pdfaPilot or if you wish to download a demo copy of this software, please visit the callas pdfaPilot webpage.

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