callas releases an improved pdfToolbox 5

callas software, a leading developer of PDF solutions for publishing and printing needs, has announced a new maintenance release of callas pdfToolbox, its PDF preflight and correction software. The new version of callas pdfToolbox 5 is packed with improvements and fixes to known-problems with page sizes, page orientation and bleed.

The new version of callas pdfToolbox 5 features the following key improvements:

  • Improved automatic processing of PDFs: The new callas pdfToolbox 5 can automatically correct a number of usual PDF issues such as page-size and bleed. Such issues are very common during the PDF preflight and require manual intervention. The new version will fix these issues during the PDF upload, which allows users to avoid manual involvement.
  • Improved bleed checking: The new version of callas pdfToolbox 5 provides flexibility in checking for bleed issues. It offers new options to create separate checks for treatment of inside and outside borders, even or odd pages and many others.
  • Conditional fixes for page geometry issues: The new callas pdfToolbox 5 introduces conditional fixes, which allow users to selectively change the geometry of individual pages rather applying changes to the entire document. For example, a user can selectively rotate pages in potrait layout or modify the dimensions of oversized pages.

Read more on callas pdfToolbox 5 at callas website.

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