callas pdfCorrect fixes more than 100 PDF problems

callas has launched pdfCorrect, a new plug-in (Acrobat 6 and 7) for correcting problems with regard to certain PDF aspects and printing methods. Based on ready-to-use correction profiles and adjustable output intents, the tool is able to fix more than 100 different PDF characteristics. Preparing PDF files for PDF/X1-a or PDF/X-3 standard is a possible output option; other profiles provide for sheet or Web print or prepare PDF files to be used as newspaper or magazine ads.

pdfCorrect excels as an extremely intuitive correction tool. The user interface has been kept simple — even users without prepress skills can use pdfCorrect very easily. The new plug-in can be run under Mac OS X and Windows 2000/XP. The regular price for a single-user license is 149 EURO, with a special 99 EURO introductory price until May 31.

Features include:

  • Detects and corrects more than 100 different PDF problems
  • Offers common and specific correction features in one single solution
  • Strengthens hairlines, deletes CMYK profiles and OPI comments
  • Eliminates production show stoppers and cleans up improperly prepared PDFs
  • Ensures smooth and predictable output even on older RIPs and printers
  • Handles iffy problems with ease (Patterns, Form, XObjects, Smooth Shades, CID fonts, OPI comments)

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