callas pdfaPilot 2.2 adds OpenOffice-to-PDF conversion

callas software has announced the release of pdfaPilot 2.2. The new version of the PDF/A creation tool adds support for converting OpenOffice documents into PDF/A.

In addition to supporting OpenOffice’s own formats, pdfaPilot 2.2 also supports other formats that can be processed using open-source office software. During conversion, pdfaPilot automatically fixes any errors that may occur when PDF/A files are created from Office applications.

The new version also boasts enhanced font replacement. This feature can be used if users seek to retroactively embed font types that are no longer available into a PDF/A document. Version 2.2 gives the user considerably more options for this practice.

By supporting OpenOffice, callas has effectively expanded the possibilities for pdfaPilot on platforms such as Linux and Solaris. Specifically, the new software allows users who do not work with Windows and Microsoft Office to produce regulation-compliant PDF/A files from their documents. ‘In doing this, we are providing all users — regardless of their operating system — with the option to use a secure archiving format and to ensure that their written information is still available far into the future,’ said Olaf Druemmer, Managing Director of callas software.

For more information about the product, check out the official vendor website.

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