ByteServing Your PDF Files

Ever waited an hour for a PDF to be viewable in your Web browser?

ByteServing a file allows the Web Server to send smaller (but complete) chunks of a file
rather than make the user wait for the whole file to download before they can view/navigate
and print.

To allow a PDF file to be ByteServed you need to Optimize the file. Optimizing a PDF
file is simple. Open any PDF file and go to the File Menu and select ‘Save As…’ (see Figure
1.1), when this dialog box comes up you will see an option (in the bottom right hand corner)
called ‘Optimize’ (see Figure 1.2).

Figure 1.1

Figure 1.2

Turn this option ON and then select the name of the currently open file (the same
filename/path etc) and click Save. Acrobat will ask if you want to ‘OverWrite the Existing
file’ (so make sure it’s the right file), click ‘Yes’ to overwrite the file – the file is
now ready to be Byteserved over the Net.

Note: Check with your Service Provider that they have enabled ByteServing.

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