Boost image with PDFs in 7 steps

In an article awkwardly titled ‘HREF=’’ TARGET=’_NEW’>Seven Easy Steps To Boost Your Professional Image With Adobe,’ author Roger Parker actually explains how ‘to improve the image and effectiveness of your Acrobat files.’

The folks at Adobe Systems may well have a
better opinion of you if you become known as a savvy user of
PDF, but the image Parker is trying to help users improve is
that of their documents — by suggesting seven easy steps
designed to ‘take full advantage of Acrobat’s

Parker says: ‘Using Acrobat, you can
distribute attractive and easy-to-read formatted documents
for free.’ Unfortunately, most people’s PDFs ‘are not as
effective as they could be.’

He advises the mastery and use of features such

  1. Activate Links

  2. Insert and Delete Pages

  3. ‘Save As’ To Create ‘Composite Documents’

  4. Add Headers and Footers

  5. Use Comments to Add Personal Touch

  6. Web Capture for Saving Web Pages (or Sites)

  7. Reducing File Size

Parker explains each step in more detail in
his article published on

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