Book: ‘Acrobat 6: Professional Results’ by Carl Young

Last year when we spoke with Carl Young of DigiPub Solutions for an article on the history of the PDF Conference that he launched four years ago, he said: ‘Once people start learning how to use Acrobat, they just can’t seem to get enough of it. They keep finding more and more things to do with it.’ The now-popular conference, next slated for September 13-14 in Baltimore, has become one of the best opportunities for continuing education on Acrobat and PDF from a variety of global experts.

Carl Young Acrobat 6 bookWith the coming release of his first book ‘Adobe Acrobat 6: Getting Professional Results from Your PDFs,’ Young has contributed yet another educational resource to help beginning and advanced users advance their skills.

Watch for a special Planet PDF promotional contest when the book begins shipping in

May (and in the meantime, see the Table of Contents below). Or if you want to place a

pre-release order so you’ll be able to promptly get your hands on a copy, the PDF Conference Web site is

offering a special 35

percent discount flyer [PDF: 172kb] for purchasing from — in

the form of a PDF file, of course.

Table of Contents

  • Ch. 1: The PDF Universe
  • Ch. 2: Quality Standards
  • Ch. 3: Microsoft Word
  • Ch. 4: Workgroup Integration
  • Ch. 5: Creating PDFs from the Rest of Office
  • Ch. 6: Working With Other Adobe Products
  • Ch. 7: Corel Applications
  • Ch. 8: QuarkXPress
  • Ch. 9: High-end Printing: Color Proofing & Set Up
  • Ch. 10: Moving Beyond One Document at a Time Creation
  • Ch. 11: PDF Forms
  • Ch. 12: Programming for More Horsepower
  • Ch. 13: Content Management
  • Ch. 14: PDF Security
  • Ch. 15: International PDF Creation
  • Ch. 16: Short Course for System Administrators
  • Ch. 17: Distribute PDF Documents
  • Ch. 18: Optimize PDF Documents for Distribution
  • Ch. 19: Index PDF Documents
  • Ch. 20: Create PDF Documents for the Internet
  • Appendix A: Section 508 Compliance
  • Appendix B: Syntax Reference
  • Appendix C: Resources

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