Big Faceless PDF Library version 2.4 released

The Big Faceless Organization (BFO), a global provider of Java reporting solutions, has just released the latest version of its PDF library. The Big Faceless PDF Library version 2.4 offers non-technical users the ability to add additional signatures to digitally signed documents without invalidating the original signature.

‘The inclusion of multiple signature functionality is one of the most popular requests for enhancements we receive,’ says Mike Bremford, CTO. This feature enables an unlimited number of users to edit, sign and time stamp documents to authenticate them. Since reviewers only need to check any amendments rather than the entire document, there are large potential savings in terms of time and cost. According to BFO CEO, Monica Kar, ‘Demand for this functionality is increasing across all industries. This is particularly the case when long distance contract negotiation or design development work is involved.’

In combination with the new ‘review’ and ‘reply’ features in Acrobat 6.0, the BFO PDF library can become a powerful tool for automating document workflow.

A free trial of the The Big Faceless PDF Library version 2.4 is currently available from

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