Big Faceless Organization updates Big Faceless Java PDF Viewer

As mentioned briefly in Dan’s last weekly news digest, Big Faceless Organization has released an updated version of their Java PDF Library and Viewer. The version 2.8 now features a complete redesign of their PDF viewer package.

Mike Bremford, CTO of BFO said, ‘We’re very pleased with the design of the new Viewer. The modular architecture means extending the Viewer can be done very easily, which is good for our customers and good for us.’

Bremford said the company is already working on additional features for future releases.

The new release features new components that enable forms to be completed, digital signatures to be applied and verified and allows for the newly created document to be saved. The PDF Viewer is also available with the Extended Editions of the Java PDF Library and the Java Report Generator.

A free fully functional trial version of the Big Faceless PDF Library can be downloaded at the company’s Web site.

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