Big Faceless Organization speeds up Java PDF Library

Big Faceless Organization has released an updated version of their Java PDF Library and Viewer, a bugfix to version 2.10 released late last week.

The release offers improvements in speed and memory when reading PDFs according to the company.

The company attributed the speed improvements to a switch from a single to a multi-threaded architecture and use of the java.nio where possible.

‘These changes result from problems we were having with a single 500MB PDF file,’ said CTO Mike Bremford. ‘The debugging process was taking so long we got fed up and spent two months profiling the library.’

According to Bremford, the end result is a big improvement for most users, and for certain use-cases like digitally signing large documents where the memory footprint can be an order of magnitude smaller.

The latest release also includes the Swing Java PDF Viewer, now localized in languages including Japanese, Chinese, French, German and Spanish.

A free fully functional trial version of the Big Faceless PDF Library can be downloaded at the company’s web site.

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