BFO partners with Security Expert nCipher

Big Faceless Organization (BFO) recently announced its partnership with cryptographic security leader, nCipher. This partnership enables true compatibility between BFO and nCipher products and will help users to implement advanced document security.

The Big Faceless PDF Library now contains a signature handler using nCipher’s nShield as well as the ability to time-stamp documents with nCipher’s Document Sealing Engine (DSE200). In addition to the PDF Library’s existing encryption/decryption features, it is now possible to create and digitally stamp PDF documents for access only by authorised users. This enables non-technical users to establish when the document was produced, who produced it and whether the document has been tampered with. Such authentication is essential to highly secure organizations, as it eradicates suspicion of document’s originality, hence time and cost saving. The Big Faceless PDF Library, together with nShield and DSE200, provide the highest level of cryptographic protection to PDF documents in the Java industry.

‘Digital signatures and time-stamping validate the integrity of documents,’ says Mike Bremford, CTO, ‘There is a growing demand for this facility to determine the authenticity of documents.’

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