BeamAir: photos and PDF from your iPhone To your Desktop or Laptop

Vienna based DonkeyCat GmbH release BeamAir 1.0 , an app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. BeamAir turns the mobile device into broadcasting hardware. Connected with the net, it will beam images or PDF’s to specific addresses in an automated stream.

The point of difference for Beamair is the way it shares. An individual code is generated for a current session. Easily shared with Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or SMS to anyone who is participating in the current stream. No registration, login or opening of an account on Beamair is necessary. At the end of a session, receivers no longer have access to the data that was displayed; and no traces remain on the Internet.

Beamair is free to download, and comes with 500 free credits. After those are used more can be purchased from within the app.

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