BBC highlights sports characters with PDF caricatures

Rabid sports fans in England currently have a choice of two major, grass-enabled athletic competitions in which they can lend support to their favorite fit Brits — either as part of the traditionally well-behaved tennis crowds gathering again for an oft rainy fortnight at Wimbledon or as one of the typically more rowdy band of fanatics that’s cheering for the country’s national soccer/football team in the Euro 2004 showdown.

Wayne Rooney maskBBC Sports is fueling the spectator frenzy with a series of downloadable, PDF-based masks bearing the mugs of (among others) some of England’s top competing footballers — including 18-year-old phenom Wayne Rooney (shown at right) and globally recognized David Beckham — and a couple of Wimbledon’s top names, including homeland favorite Tim Henman and defending men’s singles champion Roger Federer (shown at right, below).

The BBC Sport Academy site encourages fans to download one or more of the free face masks, print (with the free Adobe Reader) to a color printer and then cut along the inscribed outlines.

Some recommended uses, according to the BBC site:

Roger Federer mask

  • ‘For the best result, stick it on a bit of card (like the back of a cereal box)’ OR
  • ‘Put a bit of string through each ear of the mask’ OR
  • ‘Stick it to something like a pen or a ruler to hold up in front of your face’

One seemingly important detail missing from those instructions: If you plan to actually watch some of the football or tennis action while wearing your preferred PDF caricature, you’ll probably also want to cut some eyeholes in the mask.

The BBC folks encourage participating sports fanatics to take and send (via email) pictures of the various masks in use for inclusion in a special Maskmania page elsewhere on the Web site.

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