B2Be Documents announces SmartPDFPrintware

B2Be Documents has announced SmartPDFPrintware, its PDF workflow automation solution.

‘At this time, there is not a single PDF workflow automation solution that can automate the way ‘File Name’ and ‘Text on Page’ methods of SmartPDFPrintware can,’ said Pradip Shah, President CPS, Inc.

‘For many, many print-ready PDF workflows, JDF for automation is inadequate. Most print service providers are required to develop custom print and finishing programs that convert PDF to PostScript and insert ‘setpagedevice’ commands to achieve the type of automation that SmartPDFPrintware offers. It takes print service providers weeks and sometimes months to automate what SmartPDFPrintware automates in about 10 minutes,’ noted Shah.

The solution targets enabling more automation of document production and relies on intrinsic properties of electronic documents. PDF print workflow automation is by ‘Position’, ‘File name’ and ‘Text-On-Page’ methods.

The company said the software has been in development for three years and the first available plug-in ‘PDFPrintwarePlugIn1200’ is for Xerox DocuSP print controller.

The solution is offered in three editions which are also available for 60 days free onsite trial to qualified prospects. More information can be found at the company Web site here.

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