AutoStarting Movies in Acrobat

Acrobat will allow you to insert two types of animations or movies: AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) and MOV (Apple QuickTime MOVies).

Using the Movie Tool you can draw a box on the page to add a movie/animation to your PDF, but did you know you can get that animation to start automatically when the page loads?

From the ‘Document’ menu choose ‘Set Page Action…’, then click ‘Page Open’ or ‘Page Close’ then click the ‘Add’ button (see Figure 1.1), now select ‘Movie’ from the Action ‘Type’ drop down list box (see Figure 1.2), if you have any movies on your page, Acrobat will show you a list of the Movies available (see Figure 1.3/Figure 1.4). Select your movie and click Ok, then Set Action and click Ok again.

Figure 1.1

Figure 1.2

Figure 1.3

Figure 1.4

Next time you view this page it will start the movie. Apply the same thinking to Sounds or WWW Links or …

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