Artwork Systems announces Enfocus integration, CEO resignation

In a HREF=’’
TARGET=’_NEW’>news release [PDF: 205kb] posted today to
its corporate Web site, Belgium-based HREF=’’ TARGET=’_NEW’>Artwork
Systems announced as part of an ‘ongoing integration’
with subsidiary TARGET=’_NEW’>Enfocus Software — best known in the world
of PDF for products like Pitstop and the Enfocus Certified
PDF technology — several changes to the internal working
relationship. In addition, included in the publicity
announcement was a somewhat surprising one-sentence mention
of a key personnel change — HREF=’′
TARGET=’_NEW’>David van Driessche has stepped down as
Enfocus’ CEO and has left the company. He had HREF=’′
TARGET=’_NEW’>assumed the title in March 2003 upon the
departure of Enfocus founder Peter Camps.

Reached today following the corporate announcement stating
he’d ‘decided to step down,’ van Driessche reflected
positively on his experiences and relationships at Enfocus,
but said he’s uncertain about his immediate plans.

‘If I will remember one thing from Enfocus,’ he said, ‘it
is what an absolutely wonderful group of people they are. I
cannot stress that enough.’

Having ended his Enfocus employment yesterday, van
Driessche added that ‘I don’t know yet what I’m going to do
in the future, but it is obvious that I like and care for
this industry. For the moment, I’m looking forward to
spending some time at home.’

The news release explained that the two companies ‘will be working more closely
together on future product development.’ Enfocus and Artwork
Systems will be headquartered in the same building as of late
2005 to ‘facilitate closer collaboration.’ Artwork Systems
added that Enfocus ‘will continue to exist as an independent
business unit.’

Guido Van der Schueren, Chairman of the Board, says
‘Enfocus Certified Technology, which defined the PDF format
as the de facto standard in the industry, is now a core
technology in Artwork Systems packaging solutions. Our
combined R & D capabilities will create a positive synergy
for developing new software solutions.’

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