ARTS PDF announces Nitro PDF Desktop: Power & functionality of Acrobat for $99

ARTS PDF has announced the upcoming launch of Nitro PDF Desktop, an alternative to Adobe(r) Acrobat(r). Nitro PDF is a fully featured PDF creator and PDF editor product designed and priced specifically for the business user.

Nitro PDF officially launches at the Adobe Acrobat and PDF Conference, being held in Orlando, Florida on April 20-21; the full commercial release is slated for May 2. At $99, Nitro PDF Desktop gives users full control over PDF documents, including commenting, form-filling and authoring, digital signatures, text editing, one-click creation from Microsoft(r) Office, converting PDF to Microsoft Word, and much more.

Ted Padova, author of ‘The Acrobat 7 PDF Bible,’ says ‘Nitro PDF is an extraordinary PDF creation and editing tool. It’s a powerhouse companion for Microsoft(r) Office users who want to easily create, manipulate and share PDF documents.’

Sam Chandler, ARTS PDF COO, says until now, typically only senior executive level staff had been given access to sophisticated PDF creation, editing and manipulation tools like Acrobat or Nitro PDF.

‘In productivity terms, this is the equivalent of an organization deciding to use paper, but equipping only the most senior executives with pens, markers and printers,’ says Chandler. ‘Nitro PDF has been priced to allow organizations to put real PDF power on every desktop.’

‘Nitro PDF really is PDF for the people,’ he says.

‘Very few people or organizations have been able to realize the full potential of PDF due to the cost of PDF software,’ says Chandler. ‘And, until now there has been no product that is fully-featured like Acrobat, producing high-quality PDFs and giving access to a sophisticated set of editing and manipulation tools. Nitro PDF is a true alternative to Acrobat.’

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