Artifex files suit against Palm

San Rafael, CA.-based Artifex has launched a suit against Palm Inc., based on what it claims in the suit is Palm’s unauthorized copying and distribution of one of Artifex’s registered technologies.

Artifex is the developer and copyright owner of muPDF, a PDF rendering engine targeted at the PDA and ebook markets. Artifex noted in its announcement about the suit, ‘Palm’s own documentation admits including Artifex’s muPDF in Palm’s Pre product as the PDF rendering engine in their PDF viewer application, but Palm neither obtained a commercial license from Artifex nor complied with the terms of the GPL. Palm’s intentional refusal to comply with the terms of the GPL means that Palm willfully copied and distributed muPDF without authorization, and any and all such copies infringe Artifex’s exclusive copyright.’

Miles Jones, President of Artifex Software said, ‘Artifex makes the choice simple for those who copy Artifex software for distribution: Comply with the terms of the GPL, sign an OEM license agreement with Artifex or do not distribute the software.’ MuPDF is freely available on the Internet but is restricted from being used in commercial products.

Palm did not respond to interview requests in regard to the suit by press time. For more information on Artifex go the company website.

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