Art of Assembly

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The Art of Assembly Language Programming is a textbook on machine organization and assembly
language programming developed by Randy Hyde for the CS 264 (Assembly Language Programming)
at Cal Poly Pomona and CS 13 (Machine Organization and Assembly Language Programming) at UC
Riverside. Randy has kindly let us mirror it here at Planet PDF.

To view the PDF in your browser, click on the link. If you wish to download/save it to your computer, right click (for Macs Cmd+Click) on the link and choose the save option in the popup menu.

‘Why use my own set of notes when there are over a dozen textbooks on this subject? Just ask
anyone who has had to learn this material from one of the existing texts :-). Seriously,
though, existing texts fall into two categories: those written by computer architects and
those written by programmers.

The problem with any text written by an computer architect is that the text is essentially a
computer architecture textbook. Machine organization is not computer architecture. It is a
small subset of computer architecture. A machine organization course should cover those
architectural features of immediate importance to three types of programmers: those who need
to write fast and/or short code, those who write compilers (who need to write programs that
write short and fast code), and those who will actually spend part of their lifetimes
writing assembly language code for a living (a much bigger number than academians will
admit).’ To find out more go to href=’’>

Legal stuff
Written by Randall Hyde
Copyright 1996, All rights reserved
This text is copyrighted by Randall L. Hyde. Randall Hyde grants you, an individual,
permission to make one (1) hard copy of this document for your own personal use. You may
view the document on-line via Randall Hyde’s Web Server and you may download electronic
copies (HTML or PDF) for your own personal use.
You may not distribute copies of this text in electronic or printed form.
Those wishing to otherwise distribute this document or mirror it on another web site (or
other intranet facility) should contact to obtain proper copyright
clearances. This policy allows us to ensure that other sites maintain the latest copy of the
material. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

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