Appligent updates server-based tool for signing PDFs

Appligent has announced the introduction of SecurSign 3.0, a server-based application for signing PDF documents. SecurSign now supports placing signature fields directly into documents. These fields can be signed at the time of creation or left to be signed later. Also, new in SecurSign is support for customized visible signatures or seals. Seals can be corporate logos, scanned handwritten signatures or any PDF document.

Adding signatures to plain PDF documents facilitates increased validity in workflows containing large quantities of existing PDFs. Normally documents have to be prepared with custom form fields in order to accept digital signatures. The vast majority of PDF documents in the enterprise do not include these form fields and now can be authenticated by adding digital signatures with SecurSign.

‘This update addresses customer needs and should lead to the increased use of digital signatures for PDF documents in corporate workflows,’ says Virginia Gavin, President of Appligent. ‘Also many organizations want to use their own logo as a visible signature to assure authenticity of documents.’

Like all Appligent’s software components, SecurSign is accessible via an XML-based SOAP interface with APConductor or the standard command line interface. All applications run on Windows and multiple Unix platforms, providing flexibility to organizations with heterogeneous environments.

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